"I had a problem, and I went to see Olaf Landsgaard because he was a friend, he was sincere, he was honest, he didn't want a lot of money up front and I was able to pay him when he received the settlement.  He explained everything to me in normal terms, just like a normal person and it wasn't so cold and distant, like it is with a lot of attorneys"

  -Ashley Horning

Located in Antelope Valley, Rosamond is a part of the Mojave Desert of southeastern California. The Mojave Desert extends from the Antelope Valley to an area northeast of Las Vegas, and south to Joshua Tree National Park.

Client satisfaction is a cornerstone of our business, building relationships that last a lifetime.

"Olaf Landsgaard has a high standard of integrity and always does a fine job on all my legal cases"

- Gene Melchers

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