Legal representation for "all of us"

We offer services to meet most legal needs. We specialize in the following litigations, however we are not limited to these:

01. DUI

02. DMV Hearings (DUI)

03. Personal Injury

04. Real Estate

05. Real Estate Co-Owner Equity

06. Civil Litigation

07. Estate Planning

Dedication and Service

We are committed to obtaining the best results for all of our clients. Dedicated to providing the best results for our client.

On the go, and ready when you need us.


Wherever the need is, we'll be there. Sometimes you may see us flying to proceedings. We are located by Rosamond Skypark.

Call us anytime

We are available by email, phone, or write us. We'll keep you up to date.


The moment you bring us in to help you, we'll provide comfort.

Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Auto accidents

During personal crisis it's good to know you have someone working hard on your side.
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